Creative outlets

I’ve always been a person who holds the title of free spirit, and for some reason the people close to me think that thought is insane, to them I guess its a wrong way of thinking. I should follow the rules of society and be like everyone else. 

I am proud to think different, I m proud I hold myself above the normal, normal makes you a sheep, and lame AF! I’m so glad I have my own mind and could care less what people think. My creative outlet brought me to something amazing called podcasting. Its like your very own radio station without all the legalities. I love researching topics and talking about them and its even better when you have a co host. Enter in my biggest supporter, ma dukes. She is the only one who sees my potential and success and she keeps me grounded. My first podcast is October 19th on sound cloud! 

I can’t stress the importance of not being a follower,  marching to the beat of your own drum, not conforming to the bullshit society where no one really gives a fuck. Do you! Do what you love and live free. Its possible.

Does manifesting really work?

Manifesting may take some time depending on your level of expertise. Ive learned that detachment is the key ingredient in getting all you want through manifestation. 

Awhile ago I stated I want a waffle maker, I made it verbally clear and felt it coming to me, then I forgot about it and a year later I finally got one free of charge and brand new. I Know its a small manifest but I wanted it just the same and I got it. 

I was told the sit or lie down and close your eyes and visualize what it is you want. Feel yourself receiving it hold that feeling of excitement, then release it, let the universe work from there. Its that simple. Seems simple enough but it takes awhile to get anything, that’s my experience anyway. 

So in conclusion, id say get your life and if its ment to be its ment to be, your life is already planned anyway right. Live your best life and do what the hell you want.

What I’ve learned is…

Are you grateful at and of this very moment? Do you feel like nothing good happens for you? You apply for jobs and take test for jobs only to get no response and a you failed. Yup that’s me

I feel I understand how the universe works now, even though it takes a min for things to perspire. There are many ways to manifest, no one way is the Right way. And my issue is I don’t know what I want. I feel some how entitled to greatness but not displaying gratefulness for what I already have, so things are taking a tad bit longer for me. So I purchased this journal 

Isn’t it cool! I seen it and I felt it was meant for me so I had to get it! Every day I write down in my new journal what I was grateful for that day. It can be small or big just being in the space of gratefulness shifts the way the universe treats and reacts to you. This is a real journey for me and coming to terms with this part of me is an eye opener.I can’t stress enough the importance of being grateful. Its time to manifest the things I want and at the same time be grateful for what I have.

 vegan? Or nah.


A health journey, lifestyle change, all that I want to be healthy and live long crap. Its hard and intimidating, going from a lifestyle you lived all your life to eating grass and fruit. Then your body going through the detox stage that makes you feel even more like crap, like come on!

Deciding to go vegan is a hard core choice, and you know what, I want to make that choice. I want to be a vegan. I feel the back community should go vegan. as a people we need to become more self aware of what’s happening and what the target goal is when you see fast food restaurants being built in black communities, because its definitely not to just feel us because they want to see us full.

we should start off small, if you’re a high sugar juice drinker like myself, start to drink water, then try alternative snacks, or even start to learn how to make vegan foods and deserts.

about a year or two ago I went vegan for 1 month, and honestly it was the best feeling my body has ever been in, I felt so alive and healthy, and if you have people around you who are not ready to go the direction you are going its going to be hard to stay afloat, and so I fell off.

I’m starting my journey again and this time I will be even better and have more recopies and more exciting tips and tricks. its important to learn how to make the foods you love but in vegan form so when you do have that craving you have a vegan alternative to run to. lets get healthy together . ..stay tuned!

Life’s true meaning

The true meaning of life is something we all try to understand and get answers to. People are born, people die and that seems to be the life cycle, nothing else really truly matters. The education you spend thousands on, means absolutely nothing, to your moment in time, the house you go home to means absolutely nothing to time, the car you drive and pay for, also means absolutely nothing to time.

I’ve came to the conclusion that life is desperately an endless search for living, and finding purpose. It can be hard and tedious but that’s what it is. What can you give for the time you are in this dimention, in this life, before you move to the next what will be the legacy you leave? That’s the gift from the universe,this very second of time.

If you knew your time is coming, if you knew your time was limited, which it is. Are you ready to move on? Have you seen the whole world? Have you done all you wanted to do? I’m positive the answer is no.

Today I challenge you to make a life list. Things you will do before you graduate to the next dimension. Your purpose is to fully experience this world and all it has to offer. Tall’s of terror and war are all distractions from living life and seeing the true beauty in it, dont let that scare you from seeing what life truly is. Get out there and live!

My strange addiction

I’ve noticed I haven’t been uploading like I used to, on YouTube. Not because I’m bored with it, not because I ran out of ideas, but because I wasn’t happy with my content. Sometimes it takes longer than usual to find your niche, And that’s what’s happening with me. I am all over the place, doing this, doing that, but never satisfied.
I’m scared to be held accountable for what it is I really want to do, and That’s health and adventure. I’m afraid if I start and have all these eyes on me, then turn around and start becoming inconsistent it could cause drama with my subscribers, and most of all dissatisfaction and the feeling I let them down.

Maybe that’s my problem, better yet that is my problem. I’m to scared to get out my comfort zone, no fortune will come if I stay stagnant. If I fall then start again, its that simple, so why am I,making it hard to reach my success?

Who am I bullshiting I’m procrastinating my ass off! The only thing I can do at this time is go for it, and see it through. If I’m not successful its my own fault.


Autumn in love.

Fall is hands down the most loved season by many. Justifyably so, many factors are combined to make this most wonderful time of the year. Like September 1st were Starbucks comes out with their pumpkin spice latte. Followed by other amazing store fall decor which is a favorite past time to see, window shopping. The feeling this season gives me is hard to explain really, and I’m sure others know this feeling well, the people who love fall as much as I do to be exact.

Everything changes colors, from bright green to wonderful memorizing browns,yellows and orange, sometimes even red.

All year I wait for the first leaf to drop so I can declare fall is here! When I see that first lone leaf I transform, transform into joy and the feeling of home. There is something magical about curling up on a big warm couch with a thick blanket hot tea or coffee and a good movie, and this starts off number 1

I love the feeling fall candles bring me, Yankee candles, bath and body works candles pretty much any candles with a good solid smell is ok in my book. The scents I love are pumpkin spice, fall leaves, pine cone, coffee, midnight breeze. Those scents are amazing! The smell of autumn, is a smell all its own. The seasons have smells, summer comes and it smells like fart, everything is amplified in the scorching heat, spring comes and its new and sweet, like fresh lenen. then winter, smelling like hot chocolate. Then autumn! Smelling like a cozy night in wrapped in love sipping on harmony and peace.

Number 2

The number two feeling I love is sweaters and hoodies surrounding me with warm hugs. I love over sized sweaters and hoodies that engulf your whole body keeping you warm and snug, it relaxes me and brings me to a happy place only fall can.

Number 3

The blazing fire place, I’m in love with fire places in general. I love the hypnotizing flames the memorizing dance of the fire lighting the whole room in a layer of warmth. The fire place is magical and can seduce all that cross its cozy path.

Number 4

Autumn decor! I absolutely LIVE for fall decor, to me it is the most beautiful of decorations. I’ve seen a Christmas tree decorated in autumn. And I thought that was the most Genious idea anyone has ever come up with besides sliced bread of course. I love the little pumpkins, glass pumpkins painted porscline pumpkins, cranberry and leaves garland. Oh the list can go on. Its absolutely beautiful. And when a store has sales I rack up for next years decorations.

Lastly number 5

Hallmark movies, yas them hallmark original movies bring me such a good feeling, the seasonal movie choices are the best by far. With great actors and story lines, my dream is to be in a original movie, pretty positive it wont happen but whatever a girl can dream right? This list is basically all you need to survive autumn. But then we didn’t even get into the snacks….oh boy!